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What Are the Most Common Damages You Can Be Awarded in A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is traumatizing, but, as you may know, death is inevitable. If your loved one dies due to another person’s negligence or intentional acts, the best thing is to file for a case through a wrongful death lawyer. Today, it is easy to find such attorneys, but you need to ensure you consult a reliable one. Besides getting the best attorney, you should know which damages you can get awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit. The information explained will equip you with the information required to ensure you get compensated for all damages for your loved one’s wrongful death.

Medical Bills

In some cases, the deceased may have spent time undergoing treatment in a hospital or even at home before passing away. If the accident or injuries that put your loved one in such a situation were caused by someone else, you have the right to claim compensation for all the medical expenses you incurred. The person responsible for the wrongful death must cater to every medical bill your family incurred before your loved one died, including buying of medicine, injections, hospital admissions, and doctor attendance. When such expenses are cleared, it takes away a significant burden off your shoulders.

The Decedent’s Physical and Mental Injuries

An incident, such as a road accident, can cause severe injuries to your loved one that later lead to their demise. In a wrongful death lawsuit, you take responsibility for pursuing the damages that the deceased would have pursued had they survived the incident. The compensation you get for this type of damage covers the injury expenses you may have accrued from the time your loved one was involved in the unfortunate incident to when they died. This may mean that you can also get financial awards for the pain and suffering that the deceased incurred. That includes any physical, emotional, and mental trauma the individual experienced before passing away.

Missed Wages

When your loved one is involved in an accident, medical malpractices, and other wrongful deaths, they may not be able to attend to their business or work at the office due to injuries. In such a case, it becomes tough to make any income. Unfortunately, when they perish, they can no longer attend to their financial duties. You would be happy to know that it is possible to get compensated for the wages and income that the deceased would have made if they were alive or could continue working after the incident that led to their demise.

Loss Of Consortium

There is always a gap left when your spouse dies, especially in the hands of someone else. It can take considerable time to recover from the emotional and mental torture you may be going through. Fortunately, you can claim loss of consortium, otherwise known as loss of a relationship, when you file for a wrongful death case. You can get the necessary financial awards to help you through emotional trauma recovery. However, you should understand that this damage is not awarded in all states, making it essential to consult your wrongful death attorney.

Funeral And Burial Costs

When one dies, you have to conduct a funeral and burial for them, depending on your culture, religion, and beliefs. There are different expenses involved in the process, such as purchasing a coffin, but you may not be in a position to cater to all of them. That is why you have the freedom to claim a financial award to lay the deceased to rest.

Crime and accidents are on the rise today, meaning an increase in the number of wrongful death cases filed by different people. The best thing is to work with an experienced and reputable attorney to ensure you have the best representation in court.





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