5 Things to Do When You Miss a Court Date

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Missing a court date can lead to additional charges and a warrant for your arrest. But accidents happen, and despite having every intention of showing up, you might not be able to. Whether you penned in the wrong date on the calendar or got stuck in traffic, you can keep a bad situation from becoming worse.

Don’t Panic

Don’t assume the situation is hopeless and try to run away from it. The outcome you end up with from facing it head-on might not be ideal, but your situation is guaranteed to be worse if you try to buck the law.

Never lie about why you missed your hearing, even if it’s embarrassing or unprofessional, such as oversleeping. Being caught in a fib will make you look worse than the awkward truth.

Cooperate With the Court

Don’t shrug and hope the judge will forget, or let it slide (they won’t). 

As soon as you realize you’re late or missed your date, get on the phone with the courthouse and explain your situation. The sooner you make contact, the better. If they ask you to come down and turn yourself in, do it. If you act quick enough you may be able to prevent a warrant from being issued for bail jumping. 

Contact Your Bail Bondsman

If you took out bail bonds Lancaster County PA you need to get in touch with your lender to let them know what happened. They may not necessarily be able to help you but keeping everyone involved in your case in the loop shows you respect their time and can keep the relationship from souring. 

Contact Your Attorney

If you’re arrested after missing a court date, you may be held without bail. Additional penalties could include fines and even suspension of your driver’s license. If you’ve explained yourself and the judge isn’t inclined to be lenient towards your situation, your attorney may be able to advocate for you to protect your freedoms. 

Avoid the Issue Entirely

If you did not receive much advance notice before being made aware of your court date and anticipate having difficulty juggling your obligations on that day, get in touch with the court as soon as possible and explain your situation. They may be amicable to reschedule your hearing. 

Missing a hearing isn’t great, but it’s not the end of the world. By keeping your cool, you can make the best of a bad situation—or possibly even fix it.